Premises Liability

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Premises Liability Attorneys in Atlanta

In Georgia, premises liability is used to describe the laws applied when someone is injured on another person’s private or public property.  If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may entitled to receive compensation from the property owner, manager, or others responsible for keeping the area safe.  Typically, your premises liability lawyer will be required to prove the property owner had “notice” or should have known about the unsafe condition that led to your accident and injury.  But do not assume you don’t have a case.  There are many factors that our experienced dangerous property attorneys will consider based on your specific situation.


In the metro Atlanta area and throughout Georgia and Florida, the experienced lawyers at Randy Scott Slater, P.C. can help you obtain your financial recovery from all negligent parties.  We have helped many clients receive premises liability compensation from negligent landlords, business owners, municipal entities, parking lot managers, apartment management companies, nursing homes, shopping mall owners, and owners and managers of other premises where visitors, patrons, tenants, or customers have gotten hurt or sick, or have died.


There are many kinds of unsafe conditions on a premise that can be grounds for a successful Atlanta premises liability lawsuit or claim including—

Negligent security in Georgia:

Georgia landlords, hotel owners, apartment management companies, airport parking lot owners, and businesses open to the public can be held liable for someone’s personal injuries if they knew (or should have known) that a crime could potentially occur on the property, and they did not take measures to prevent it. Atlanta, Georgia premises liability attorney Randy Slater has helped victims of rape, assault and battery, beatings, and robbery crimes successfully sue for financial recovery because a property owner or manager failed to warn residents or patrons that similar crimes had recently been committed in the area, and they neglected to install the proper safety devices (e.g., surveillance cameras, proper lighting at all entrances and exits).

Atlanta Slip and fall accidents:

A slip and fall is one of the most common kinds of premises liability accidents.

A claim for slip and fall in Georgia typically arises when a person responsible for the safety of an area neglects to take action to make it safe.  A poorly lit stairwell, liquid or debris left on the floor, uneven pavement or flooring, a missing step, or an area under construction with no proper warning sign can all too often lead to slip and fall accidents.

Injuries from a slip accident, trip accident, or fall accident can be very painful and require a great deal of time for recovery.  This means that an injured person will likely have to take time off from work (resulting in lost wages) or school, and they may need additional help to complete normal, everyday tasks, such as driving a car, taking care of children, or running a household.  Back injuries, spinal cord injuries, dislocated hips, broken bones, and other slip and fall injuries will usually require multiple surgeries and costly rehabilitation.

Defective products and hazardous conditions:

Property owners and managers are supposed to make sure that any defective products or hazardous conditions are immediately repaired or removed from the premises.  The experienced premises liability attorneys at Randy Scott Slater, P.C. have represented clients that were seriously hurt on someone else’s property because of faulty electrical wiring, swimming pools with defective drain systems, walls with toxic mold, or other dangers.

In certain cases, we have also successfully filed claims and lawsuits against negligent maintenance companies and the manufacturers of defective products.


At Randy Scott Slater, P.C., we understand how devastating it can be when you or someone you love is seriously injured in any kind of accident.  There will undoubtedly be medical expenses, recovery costs, wages lost from time away from work—not to mention the pain and suffering that accompanies serious injuries.  When you trust us to represent your family, you become our family.

The premises liability attorneys at Randy Scott Slater, P.C. have successfully represented premises liability clients and their families throughout Georgia for years. An Atlanta slip fall attorney can help protect your rights. To schedule your FREE consultation, contact us online or call 404-888-0560 today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]